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GTOR_True-blue-8: april,looks good, need to decide if I play GT, PCars or this now lol Jan 31, 2016 14:28:29 GMT
David Talle: Judging by the reputation of pCARS and AC, I think AC is way better in term of realism. Wheel mandatory IMHO though :D There's still F1 games, great with a pad, for leagues if there's more people there ! Feb 1, 2016 11:20:26 GMT *
GTOR_True-blue-8: could be worth seeing about F1, although I want to do endurance lol Feb 1, 2016 17:07:39 GMT
David Talle: Yeah me too... for now. Probably the "Daytona effect". Wait for the F1 season to resume and it should balance again :D There are still unacceptable bugs on Project CARS, lot less than before though but if AC has the "right" cars I'll go for it no doubt Feb 1, 2016 18:56:21 GMT
GTOR_True-blue-8: ah probably that's why I haven't jumped on it lol. Going to see if anyone wants to do an F1 championship Feb 2, 2016 10:26:37 GMT
GTOR_True-blue-8: The share play, does that mean that anyone can race as well? not sure how it works Feb 2, 2016 10:26:57 GMT
David Talle: Heading to the season finale in Abu Dhabi in my 2014 season with Alonso, a 1 point gap with Rosberg for the title ! :o Streaming here Feb 10, 2016 19:35:57 GMT *
David Talle: Is the forum coming back to life this Spring ? :o Mar 20, 2016 19:33:54 GMT
GTOR_True-blue-8: hi guys sorry my dads had more health problems but im back now Apr 5, 2016 16:45:17 GMT
GTOR_True-blue-8: anyone interested in a short fun series? Apr 5, 2016 16:45:28 GMT
David Talle: On which game ? On which console ? xD Apr 5, 2016 17:53:12 GMT
GTOR_True-blue-8: PS3 and GT. I want to use my wheel again :P Apr 5, 2016 19:17:32 GMT
GTOR_True-blue-8: at the moment I wont have time for a series on ps4 until I understand them lol Apr 5, 2016 19:17:53 GMT
GTOR_True-blue-8: i'd like to do F1 but I don't know anyone who plays it lol Apr 5, 2016 19:18:24 GMT
David Talle: I do, I also own Driveclub which is excellent IMO, until the next GT at least. And after nearly 1 year I finally found a working setup to play pCARS with a pad LOL Apr 5, 2016 19:22:42 GMT
GTOR_True-blue-8: I've heard good things about Driveclub. Think im gonna see if GT6 can get going again before doing GT7 Apr 5, 2016 20:38:12 GMT
David Talle: Yeah I would've join if I had my PS3 with me :/ Apr 5, 2016 21:13:59 GMT
GTOR_True-blue-8: GTTCC is back and numbers look great! Head on over :) Apr 7, 2016 12:26:45 GMT
GTOR_True-blue-8: Apr 7, 2016 12:26:59 GMT
David Talle: Massive disappointment, GT Sport looks like a PS4 version of GT6, almost same graphics, same sound, same half bakes physics (from what I see, obviously I'm waiting to try the game myself)... There's too much work for PD to catch up before GT7... :( May 19, 2016 18:59:40 GMT
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